Is technology making us dumber?

Is it just me?  Or are people getting dumber?  The technologies that were supposed to make our lives easier have had a perhaps unforeseen consequence and that is some people have become so reliant on them they’ve forgotten how to even go about doing the thing technology now does.  I suppose that’s progress worth celebrating when we’re talking about a technology that does a better (or more accurate) job than an unaided human could, but for every EKG keeping track of someone’s heart rate in a hospital, there’s a food delivery driver who claims he’s late with my order because his GPS took him to another location on a street with a name that doesn’t even sound like mine, even though my address is clearly printed on a slip of paper attached to the styrofoam container of cold Kung Pao chicken he’s handing me.


My point is that technology should not replace our ability to do something, it should assist and augment it.  And we certainly shouldn’t let it think for us!  We now have handheld devices with more computing power than was available in the spaceships we landed on the moon.  That’s amazing.  Hooray!  Well done us.

Einstein - idiots

But let’s not become overly enamored, or we’ll end up enslaved.  And too dumb to notice.

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